Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Broadband Robbery

We live in a time where we constantly hear about the never ending war on the infringement of intellectual property rights. The media  , the public, and the powers that be are so focused on this that a new  kind of piracy that is sweeping the country goes unnoticed. Perhaps its the innocent guise (name) of this new high seas hold up, that misleads people. The term "Fair Use Policy" does in an essence seem quite "Fair" does it not. Yet the design of it actually puts a crimp our right to access information (getting the information today , which is not possible when your connection is capped to a measly 64kbps , if you are lucky enough to get that speed)
Before I begin I will admit I am a layman in the world of telecommunication regulation, however I am without a doubt a consissuer of the fine knowledge that the internet has to offer.In fact the internet is one of the key engines that helps churn out " knowledge workers" of today. Not only is the internet is an important medium that allows us to stay in touch with family and friends scattered around the world, it also and I cannot stress this enough, in the rat race that is our daily life the streaming entertainment that it provides is unsurpassed ( considering the at best the lukewarm programming available in the main stream media of our day).
Another interesting point is the "visionaries" speak about the benefits of the internet and it being the key underpinning of our entry into the global economy based around the world wide web.
So why in the name of Tim Bernes-Lee would a regulatory body introduce  a policy that allows users to enjoy a small slice of the pie at  a premium price and then ask them to go back to either a snail paced speed ( which could be likened to something slightly better than prehistoric dial up connections) or cough up extra money to enjoy the benefits of the internet at speeds which are now the norm. This state of affairs is no better than blatant highway robbery, and robbery supported by regulation nonetheless

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The second coming

It has been quite awhile since, I last posted. Like a true procrastinator I have a list of perfectly good reasons for not posting :D.
  1. The hectic preparations for my final year
  2. Working on my final year project
  3. Studying for exams etc....
the list goes on and on, the simple truth I was just too lazy and completely devoid of the drive to write blog posts (Most of my drive went into fleshing out my lengthy long winding project report with the C*** necessary to impress my markers and garner marks necessary to pass).
To deviate slightly lets all be honest with ourselves most undergraduate reports being full of C*** is the rule not the exception. Although those of us who write the reports, like to pretend that we have made a great contribution to the human knowledge pool and made a bold difference like Archimedes or Plato. The truth is most of the reports end up gathering dust on a shelf in a library , only to be opened by other final year students looking to rip off the words (paraphrase XD) written by you (which you also in all probability ripped off from some one else) to make up for time lost fooling around instead of writing their own thesis. I like to call this "Paraphrasingtitis" or better known as the " Circle of report cribbing".
Enough with my ramblings about report writing. I have missed blogging, my experiences over the past year the late nights at college, the antics of lecturers , and last minute rushing to finish assignment etc... would have made quite interesting posts. In the end with all the anxiety of my final year, I can safely say I walk away with some funny and good memories with my best friends from college . Alas all good things must come to an end, all of us graduated I actually did much better than I expected. Sad as I was about not seeing my friends, I looked forward to starting my career and my climb to the top as it were. I have learned that plans are good for the 5 seconds before reality sets in, so your best option is to roll with it.

I am happy to say that I found employment , still getting a bead on what I need to do. I will make it work though. I really hope to spend more time blogging, lots to talk about, job , politics, reminiscing etc....

Monday, March 02, 2009

A Year gone by

Its quite clear that I cant stick to a routine , its been nearly a year since I posted anything. I would love to say that I was so busy with worldly affairs that I did not have even a single nano second to devote to this. That would be a bold faced lie. It was more a case of being to lazy and distracted and suffering from writers block . Alot has happened over the last 12 months.

I've been interning for 6 months ( an honset to god working man :D) , I've also been in a meaningful relationship for nearly a year ( it suprises me to see myself write that) , life has been pretty good.

The novelty of coming to work has not worn off, it has dimmed but not gone out all together. The experiances I have had are priceless and most of them are the kind that will make lovely stories at dinner parties :)

I know not how long my return to the blogosphere will last, hopefully it'll work out this time , but u never know life is full of suprises

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Success with Custom templates

Finally today in the afternoon I managed to make this template I found work !.. I fixed it up for my test blog and during the week hope to have it up on this blog.. Ok too any ardent bloggers who will shrug and call me a loser.. it might be easy for You but it was tough for me. with blogger going and changing some stuff about template formats.
I felt a great sense of jubilation when the template finally looked like it should today.. Here is the link where I found the template..
check it out there are plenty of templates out there and a guide to get you started on setting up and running with the new ones.. I will post a guide of some tips I found while trying to get my template to work.. :) this is my test blog check out the template and let me know what you think..
test blog

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Stage craft.

The reason for 2 week absence was due to the myriad of assignments I had to complete. Sad to say I still have not finished them.. It all comes back down to my being distracted easily..:P.. The IIT talent show Stage Craft 2008 was a blast. With B'n'S on stage and with our brand of comedy on stage it was a roller coaster of fun from start to finish. I was backstage working with the lights and stage managing , it was like being back in school.. had loads of fun.. I want to thank all the back stage crew for being there and helping out.. except for the part where we were swearing over the intercom..

Right now I'm trying to edit this new template and get it too work. So far have'nt been successful with it :(.. will update with new development..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trawling For templates

Tired of the same old look of my blog I decided to look around for new templates. Doing a simple google Search just netted me more of the same sort of templates I'm used to seeing. Feeling rather dejected I went to check my Entrecard account and was browsing the categories of blog available and lo and behold I came upon a category on blogging resources. after visiting a few of the blogs there I found some intersting templates that I likes.. I will first test them out and see how it goes :d..
were two of the gold mine of resources that I came across.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Red Dog : from Kandyg

Had an interesting lunch date today with a rather special friend of mine . who I was meeting for the first time. So wanting to do something out of the ordinary two of my friends and I went looking for soft toys on Galle road.. As expected this proved easier said than done. But after about half an hour of walking around We found this place called "Kandyg" just past ACBT on the land side. It sells batik stuff but it also has hand made soft toys in the window. I went in expecting that I would walk out with a much lighter wallet :D(hey I know thats a bit lame but hey times are hard :P),.. luck was on my side though. The toy which was a red stuffed dog was only Rs 150/= quite affordable in my thoughts. Well with that in hand I met up with my friend and needless to say she was thrilled with it :).

so next time your in a hurry and need a gift fast I suggest you look this place up.. Its just past ACBT on the land side on the corner of a turn off to duplication road